Ok. So, this is a bit of a weird post I suppose. Because – if I’m being honest – I just spent the past hour wandering around our front yard at 6:00am in my bathrobe, in the rain, taking pictures of snails.  And, that is definitely behavior that could be considered weird.

But, I couldn’t help myself.  Snails are just cool. Gross? Yes. Considered by many as garden pests? Yes. But, cool.

I remember when our family moved from Michigan to Southern California when I was 9 years old and I laid my eyes on a snail in our front yard for the first time. I was disgusted and intrigued all at once – what a bizarre little creature. It moved so slowly, and it was so slimy – leaving a little trail of nasty, oozy goo wherever it went. But, it’s shell was so pretty – like seashells I’d seen (and secretly collected!) at the beach. I was enthralled.

So, that explains my behavior this morning. I guess I was revisiting my childhood a bit and rediscovering the lowly snail.