Last month my friend & fellow photographer, Kate Noelle Kernutt of Kate Noelle Photography suggested I do a lil’ something new for 2012… We all know I love photographing food, as well as landscapes, motorcycles and Americana.  But, another favorite subject of mine is dogs.

Our 3 Dogs: Susan the English Bulldog, with her sidekicks, Rose & Percy the Pugs

My husband & I have three dogs – two pugs, named Rose & Percy, and an English Bulldog, named the oh-so-appropriate name of Susan (my husband felt it was best to name her a human name, so when guests came over we could say, “Have you met Susan yet?” And, then in would walk a 45-pound wrinkly bulldog.)

All three are very, very funny – and very cute.  And Susan is particularly so.  So, Kate suggested I pull together a Tumblr blog featuring a daily photo of Susan’s adorable-ness.  Hence, “A Susan-a-Day” Blog was launched on January 1st – and for 2012 I’ll be bringing you 366 days (it’s a Leap Year, after all!) of Susan (and her sidekicks, Rose & Percy). Because we all can benefit from a daily smile courtesy of Susan’s adorable English Bulldog mug.

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