Palm Springs, California – I love this city.  It is classic Americana.

The dry, desert sauna-like heat that radiates off the pavement even after the sun sets. The sounds of Sinatra wafting through the air at the Del Marcos Hotel as you drift peacefully on your foam pool raft, drink-in-hand, soaking up the sun in the saltwater pool. 

And the city is a photographer’s dream – with fabulous mid-century modern architecture and incredible artwork found around every bend. 

So, last weekend when my husband and I escaped to Palm Springs for 3 days, I was in photography heaven.  We explored the city, stopping to check everything out that caught our eye – from interesting buildings, to beautiful art, to cool vintage cars – Palm Springs has it all. And I did my best to capture some of my favorites through the lens of my camera.

The fabulous Del Marcos Hotel, Designed in 1947 by the famed desert architect William F. Cody
The distinctive Palm Springs Visitor’s Center Building built in 1965 and designed by renowned desert architects Robert Frey and Robson Chambers
Front entrance of the Parker Palm Springs hotel.
The grand, over-sized orange front doors of the Parker Palm Springs hotel
A breathtaking piece entitled ‘Horizontal in a Paris Alley’ by artist Michael Heath at the Heath Gallery

The Del Marcos Hotel at night
Mid-century modern down to the last detail… the wheels on the pool’s sun loungers
 A massive 160-foot-tall windmill in the San Gorgonio Pass Wind Farm near Palm Springs
Panorama of the San Gorgonio Pass Wind Farm