If you live in Orange County, California, chances are you’ve likely heard of the area’s top caterer, 24 Carrots Catering & Events. And, if you’re really lucky, you’ve had the opportunity to attend one of their events, devour their delicious food and be spoiled by their amazing staff. 
In this humble photographer’s opinion, the chefs in the kitchen of 24 Carrots are nothing short of culinary geniuses.  I don’t know about you, but when I used to think of the term ‘catered food’, images of mass-produced rubbery chicken in a mystery cream sauce, soggy boiled frozen vegetables, and bad salad from a bag were what used to pop to mind. That was until I discovered 24 Carrots
These guys produce food on a large scale without compromising quality (what a concept!).  And, their creativity has no bounds.  For years, their customers have been asking, “So, when are you guys going to open a restaurant?!”  And next month, the owners of 24 Carrots are opening the doors to their answer to that question in Irvine, California — introducing, Bistro 24.  
Recently, as they’ve been preparing for the Bistro’s launch, I’ve had the honor of being hired as their food photographer for the new Bistro 24 Menu. And, what can I say but… Wow. Wow wow wow.  24 Carrots fans – brace yourselves – you will not be disappointed!
Over the coming weeks I’ll be giving you a lil’ ‘sneak-peek-through-food-photos’ of the Bistro 24 Menu here on the Anne Watson Photo Blog.  Starting today with one of my personal weak spots. The cheeseburgers.
These are no average burgers. As you’ll see – these are BIG burgers. Mouth-watering, juicy, pink-in-the-middle just-the-way-I-like-’em burgers oozing with gourmet ingredients – such as the first burger pictured below; melted brie, roasted figs, caramelized green apples and (get this!) TRUFFLE HONEY. Oh, dear God. The truffle honey. It is so good. Makes me wanna cry tears of sweet truffle honey joy.
So, enjoy this visual cheeseburger feast and daydream away about fresh-baked buns, avocados, pickled sweet peppers, frizzled onion hay… and, of course… bacon. Mmmm. Bacon.  
And if you like what you see here, just wait ’til you see what else they have in store! More to come soon – so, stay tuned…
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