I’ve found many ways to feel at peace in my life amidst the madness of daily existence – Yoga is a main one for me. As are things such as an early-morning walk with our pugs, a good laugh with my incredibly funny husband, and even cooking a particularly fantastic meal… there is a feeling of peace that comes through the pure enjoyment of these moments.  And, I suppose this is a reflection of my general attitude towards life as a whole – that life is meant to be enjoyed.

Photography is another form of meditation for me. I love to envision an image far before I ever hold the camera to my eye… I find life in general to be so inspiring, I probably drive my husband crazy sometimes with the number of times a day I say, “Oh wow! Let me grab the camera, because that would make an amazing photo!”

So, last but not least… a rather unexpected place where I’ve found peace in recent years – probably more than anywhere else in my life – is in the saddle of my motorcycle. A dear friend of mine gave me a sign for my bridal shower last year that I proudly display in our living room that reads, “You never see a motorcycle parked outside of a psychiatrist’s office.”  Amen.

So, on Sunday mornings some people go to church to feel closer to God. For me – I ride my motorcycle. And, I call it ‘Motorcycle Church’. Alone with God, on my ‘bike, the empty Sunday-morning streets, a refreshing chill in the air and nothing but my thoughts & the sound of 1600cc’s rushing around inside my helmet.