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I have always seen the world through the lens of a culinary enthusiast, so it makes sense that I fell in love with capturing images of my passion in action from a young age. I am so grateful for the success I have found in the food world as a photographer and I hope you enjoy visiting my site as you spend a little time seeing the world through my eyes.

I am excited to share my perspective with you, not only through my photographs, but also my experience styling food, creating recipes, and ultimately where it all started for me – cooking.

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This shift in mindset is EVERYTHING 🙌🏼 Some people have asked me after Tim's passing a few months ago, "How can you feel so peaceful after experiencing such a great loss?" And it's hard to put into words, but this perspective sums it up for me as best as possible.⁣⁣⁣⁣
It's about flowing WITH life instead of fighting it & trying to make it the way you think you want it to be. Releasing your preconceived preferences & instead surrendering to the reality that is unfolding in front of you. Finding the beauty in all of the little things that life brings us each day. Letting go of all of the personal baggage from past experiences that you're carrying around (and likely defending & clinging to) so you can return to the present moment. ⁣⁣⁣⁣
For me, it all clicked when I stopped fighting life. Stopped labeling experiences as "good" or "bad" based on what I thought should happen. Stopped being disappointed when my wishes weren't granted. Instead, a beautiful shift happened when I just opened up to life and began to see each moment as a gift from the universe to learn & grow. Then everything, right here & now, became peaceful 🙏🏼. And you'll find that in this beautiful present moment, everything is worthy of gratitude - just as it is 💛
CHEERS to all the mamas out there! 🍾💗💗💗⁣
Here's a lil' bubbly cocktail recipe for your Mother's Day Celebrations- enjoy!⁣⁣
✔️1 ounce Vodka (I love @paumauivodka!)⁣⁣
✔️1/2 ounce fresh Meyer Lemon juice (or regular lemon juice can do, too!)⁣⁣
✔️1/2 teaspoon Rosemary Simple Syrup (see separate recipe below)⁣⁣
✔️2 ounces Champagne, Prosecco or Cava⁣⁣
✔️Rosemary Sprig for Garnish⁣⁣
Directions: ⁣⁣
1️⃣Mix vodka, meyer lemon juice & rosemary simple syrup over ice & stir. ⁣⁣
2️⃣Strain into a coupe glass. ⁣⁣
3️⃣Top with chilled Champagne, garnish with a rosemary sprig & enjoy!⁣ 😋⁣
Rosemary Simple Syrup⁣⁣
✔️1 cup water⁣⁣
✔️1 cup sugar (or @lakanto monkfruit sweetener for a zero-sugar alternative!)⁣⁣
✔️1/4 cup fresh rosemary sprigs⁣⁣
1️⃣Combine water, sugar (or monkfruit sweetener) & rosemary in a small saucepan, bring to a boil, stirring until sugar dissolves. Simmer for 1 minute. ⁣⁣
2️⃣Remove from heat & allow flavors to steep for approx 30 mins. ⁣⁣
3️⃣Pour syrup through a mesh strainer into a sterilized glass container, such as a mason jar, for storage. ⁣⁣
4️⃣Allow to cool completely before use.⁣⁣
(Can be stored in the fridge for up to 1 month)
Warming-up for Cinco de Mayo tomorrow & celebrating Taco Tuesday today with this 100% plant-based, nutrient-packed Veggie Taco Bowl! 🌮 ⁣
So yummy, healthy & super-simple to make, it's a great weeknight meal that really ticks all the boxes ✔️Give it a try and let me know what you think!⁣
VEGGIE TACO BOWL (makes 2 servings)⁣
✅Steam-in-Bag Cauliflower Rice (15 oz, divided in half)⁣
✅2 Handfuls of fresh cilantro, chopped finely⁣
✅Juice of 1 lime⁣
✅1 cup black beans⁣
✅1/4 cup finely-chopped red bell pepper⁣
✅1/4 cup finely-chopped onion⁣
✅2 cups lettuce, shredded⁣
✅1 avocado, cubed⁣
✅1/2 cup chopped tomato⁣
✅1/2 cup fresh corn ⁣
✅1 12-oz package @bigmountainfoods CauliCrumble Veggie Grounds.⁣
✅Pinch each of ground cumin & chili powder.⁣
✅Olive Oil⁣
✅Dollop of your favorite coconut yogurt (I use @cocojune_organic plain coconut yogurt here - yum!)⁣
✅A sprinkle of your favorite seeds for some crunch (I love @go_raw's Sprouted Organic Mixed Seeds for this recipe!)⁣
✅Salt, pepper & additional lime juice to taste.⁣
1️⃣Microwave the cauliflower rice according to directions. Mix it with chopped cilantro & lime juice + a pinch of salt. Set aside.⁣
2️⃣In a saute pan, heat 1 TBSP olive oil & cook onion & red pepper until soft (about 3-4 mins). Add black beans, heat through. Set aside.⁣
3️⃣In the same saute pan, heat 2 TBSP olive oil & cook CauliCrumble Veggie Grounds according to package directions. Season with cumin & chili powder. Set aside.⁣
4️⃣Compile your bowl! Place your Cilantro-Lime Cauliflower Rice & Shredded lettuce on the bottom. Arrange all other ingredients on top in your preferred configuration. Dig In & enjoy! 😋
I loved the feedback that I received last week when I posted my Reels & asked you, "What would you like to see more of from me?" Thank you! One great comment I received was from my beautiful friend @carole_crane29 when it comes to mindfulness: "Any tips & suggestions with also putting it into practice would always be appreciated." Thank you, Carole! 🙏 Your wish is my command!⁣
So today for #MeditationMonday, I'd like to bring you a mindfulness practice that's been truly transformative for me. Thanks to the pioneering work of a unique & inspirational fellow Yogi (and hilarious Dutchman who never fails to make me smile!), Wim Hof @iceman_hof's methods introduced me to the power of the cold, as well as some amazing breathing exercises (which I'll share with you next week!). Today, though, I'd like to focus on the cold - particularly COLD SHOWERS.⁣
When I step into a cold shower, it focuses my mind in an incredible way. I've found it to be a way of physically confronting stress & learning to breathe through it until it's no longer uncomfortable. It's a great way of strengthening the mind-body connection on a daily basis that translates into being able to handle external stressors throughout my day with clarity. I started slow and now am up to about a 5-6 minute cold shower every day & genuinely look forward to it!⁣
The scientifically proven benefits of cold showers are numerous: Reduced stress, higher endorphins & alertness, improved immune system, increased willpower, a stimulated metabolism & better overall circulation.⁣
Does the thought of a cold shower excite or frighten you? Do you take cold showers already? 🤔 Or would you like to give it a try? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!⁣
(NOTE: As this takes strength & dedication, Wim advises to gradually build up the duration & intensity. If you have no prior experience with cold showers, start with a regular shower & finish the last 30 seconds cold. You quickly notice that you are able to tolerate the cold more & more. Also, be sure to check with your physician if you have any questions particular to your own body/health before starting this practice.)
I think a common misperception is that letting something go is a passive act. But, the truth is, letting go takes STRENGTH❗️⁣
My advice? Let. It. Go. ⁣
Surrender to life & watch it flow in its divine perfection. It will unfold in ways your mind never could have dreamed, and there is beauty to be found in all of it. This is true liberation 😌
Thank you, Mother Earth 💚🌎🙏🏼
#EarthDay2021 #gratitude
What do you want in life? 🤔 Now there's a big question! Have you ever stopped to truly meditate on that, though, and explore where it takes you? ⁣
Some might think immediately of things like, "I want a good job & a successful career. I want a family. I want a house that I can make my home. I want a loving partner. I want financial security... etc etc etc." A long list of, "I wants" naming things outside of ourselves that we believe will bring us happiness. And we create these lists with our minds based on our past experiences, "This made me happy, so I want more of that. And that made me feel bad, so I want to avoid that ever happening again." This way of thinking leads us to a path where we are either clinging intensely to the things we believe make us happy or fiercely resisting the things we fear will make us feel bad. That kind of clinging & resisting takes a lot of energy - particularly when you realize that 99.9999% of the things you are clinging to and/or resisting against are completely out of your control. ⁣
I've found that the key to a joyful life is answering the question, "What do you want in life?" with, "I want to feel unconditional peace with whatever life presents me." To release these preconceived notions & preferences of what we think will bring us happiness, and instead serve life in each moment with surrendering to what IS. There is a stillness in the path that's found between clinging & resistance. You no longer waste your energy on pushing things away or trying to bring things to you. Instead, you allow life to happen, you accept what is, and find joy & opportunities to learn & grow as a spiritual being in every single moment. Then life becomes a beautiful experience versus something you need to fight against to control. #ServeLife⁣
Only a few weeks left of Blood Orange Season here in California, so I'm filling my belly with these incredible fruits! 🍊 As amazing in savory dishes as they are in sweet recipes, this versatile citrus is one of my all-time favorites. I love baking them into pancakes & muffins, cooking them down into a simple syrup for cocktails, chopping them up into a citrusy salsa, or just peeling one & stuffing it into my face!

What's your favorite way to cook with blood oranges? 😋
Weather rages. Fires rage. The oceans rage. Volcanoes rage... And from all of these, great natural transformation emerges. ⁣
As a Reiki practitioner I believe deeply that we are not merely observers of nature, but are an integral energetic part of it. We are microcosms of the greater natural landscape & therefore it seems only natural to me that we experience rage. I've found that the key is not to suppress it, nor to express it in a way that negatively affects other living beings through our actions or words - but to allow it to pass through us & then release it. Just as the Earth releases tension along her tectonic plates, we must release our rage in order to let go of its heavy vibrations & make room for higher energies to flow -- After all, great mountains are formed from raging earthquakes.⁣
Today I'm reflecting on the feelings of rage - and its underlying cause, fear - that I see all around us in the world today, much of which is related to grief. On an individual level, I can share that rage played a powerful, transformative part of my personal awakening during Tim's cancer journey. For me it was early on, shortly after he was diagnosed that my rage emerged while I grieved the life I knew we'd never have again. One morning after a deep meditation I found myself on my knees pounding the earth, eyes wide & raging against the darkness. I yelled, I cried, I prayed & I allowed it all to flow through me. Then I felt my energy shift - I'd released the darkness & the underlying fears, and it had transformed me. After that, there was no more rage nor fear - only unconditional love.⁣
This is why I honor Russell's rage that he's felt at times recently during his grieving process. I bought him a heavy bag & boxing gloves and I take joy in watching him release his fears as they're punched into that bag - raging against the cancer that he witnessed taking his dad's body from us - knowing that his rage is not destructive, it's transformational as he becomes a stronger, clearer, wiser being. ⁣
Springtime days are warming up & I don't know about you, but I'm feeling ready to head outside for a picnic this weekend 🧺 ☀️ 🌸 Our team over at @thefamilythrive recently shared this recipe for a easy-to-make, picnic-perfect healthy cabbage slaw, which I admit I absolutely devoured after I shot it! ha ha. (Perks of the job, right?!) I love using @go_raw sprouted pepitas in this recipe for a crunchy nutritional boost. ⁣
Be sure to stay tuned to @thefamilythrive feed as we are entering our Beta Launch phase of the business next month - there is some seriously exciting stuff coming your way from our Family Thrive team! And meantime, feel free to hit the "save" button on this post to keep the recipe handy. Happy Spring, everyone! 🌼🌻🌸🌺⁣
Zesty Cabbage Slaw ⁣
Recipe by @chefcathy ⁣
#RDApproved by @alexiahallrd ⁣
🔸1 green cabbage, core removed
🔸1 napa cabbage 
🔸¼ cup green onion, green part only
🔸½ cup cilantro 
🔸2 watermelon radishes
🔸¼ cup toasted pepitas
🔸1 TBSP minced red serrano pepper (optional)
🔸1 TBSP celery seeds (optional)
🔹1 cup @PrimalKitchenFoods mayo
🔹¼ cup unseasoned rice vinegar, 
🔹2 tablespoons yuzu juice (substitute: 1 TBSP each lemon juice & lime juice).
1️⃣In a glass bowl, mix mayo, rice vinegar & yuzu juice. Add a pinch of salt and set aside. ⁣
2️⃣Using a sharp knife, finely shred both cabbages and put in a large glass bowl. Dice the green onion, julienne the radish & add both to the bowl. Chop the cilantro, stems, and all & add to the mix.⁣
3️⃣Toss the slaw mix with the dressing, coating all of the ingredients, and add in the toasted pepitas. You can add celery seed for added crunch, & red serrano pepper for a little kick.⁣
4️⃣Chill for 30 minutes. Garnish with fresh cilantro leaves & enjoy! 😌⁣
11 years ago today I married my best friend and it was, and will always be, the greatest decision I ever made ❤️ And while this may be the first time I'm celebrating our anniversary with only one of us here in physical form, I still feel Tim's energetic presence right here with me & in many ways (which may seem odd to some, I know) I actually feel closer to him than I ever have before.⁣
Today I can't stop smiling -- how LUCKY am I that I got to marry such an adventurous, loyal, loving, brilliant, witty, beautiful soul? Happy 11th anniversary, Tim. Love you 💕
Good-afternoon, Honey 🐝🍯☀️🌸🌺 ⁣
I love taking a teaspoon of raw local honey each morning to help prevent seasonal allergies.⁣
What's your favorite way to use honey? And do you have any favorite farms or brands you love? ⁣
Who are you? ⁣
Have you ever meditated on this question? 🤔 So many of us spend the majority of our lives running around like chickens with our heads cut off, listening to the incessant voice of our minds telling us what we "like" & "don't like," and then searching desperately outside of ourselves for things that will appease the mind in an effort to make the constant chatter of our thoughts stop driving us crazy. We try to define who we are by what we do, what we wear, who we associate with - the external decisions we make day after day. And it never works. The mind will always find the next problem & you find yourself in a state of constant need & desire for more, instead of satisfaction or fulfillment. ⁣
But, if you take time to look deeper you will find that you are not those thoughts. You are the one who is listening to those thoughts. René Descartes' once said, "I think, therefore I am." I disagree. Instead, I believe: You are, therefore you hear your thoughts. ⁣
You are the consciousness that dwells within & observes all things that enter your awareness through your five senses & your mind. And that eternal consciousness (which you may call the soul, Ātman, inner being, divine energy, the Self, or a number of other terms) - THAT is who you are. Connect with that realization -- that you are not the voice of the mind, you are the one who hears it. Use this as your starting point for defining who you are, and a world of infinite freedom & stillness awaits. #MeditationMonday⁣